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Agile Analytics Operations

In this white paper, we will focus on how you can best structure your team, processes, and supporting tools to achieve agility in your analytics. As analytics and data have become more central to decision-making in organizations, the operations that ensure data is available, analytics are refreshed, and predictive models are deployed into the environments where they can have an impact.

We will address three key areas:

  • Clearly Defined Roles – Identifying the roles needed in your team is an important step in developing your analytics operations capability.

  • Supporting Processes – Processes need to be defined in ways that support rapid delivery, alignment with customer needs, and team autonomy.

  • Automation and Tools – Automation and tools are key enablers for agility, freeing teams to focus on results rather than repetitive, error-prone work.

In each of these areas, we will describe the overall scope of the area and provide guidance on how to succeed as you begin building out your capabilities.