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Effective Insight Delivery

In this white paper, we are starting with an examination of effective insight delivery. Delivering data where and when it is needed to inform decision-making is paramount to succeeding with analytics. The rest of the technology, process, and organization supporting analytics does not matter if insight is not reaching stakeholders. Getting “the last mile” right is critically important.

To that end, this white paper will describe the backdrop against which a modern analytics capability needs to be delivered, the key drivers and requirements, the channels for insight delivery, implications for the broader analytics technology stack, and practical guidance for how to move forward. The paper is divided into the following sections:
  • Building Capabilities for Insight Delivery – Going from high-level requirements to concrete approaches for delivering insight provides a foundation for identifying and prioritizing gaps in capabilities.

  • Understanding Upstream Implications – Once we have understood some of the specifics around how we need to deliver insight to stakeholders, we can examine the broader implications for upstream processes and technology.

  • Moving Forward and Addressing the Gaps – With a grasp on the required capabilities and upstream implications, we can lay out practical steps for how to move forward.

As mentioned above, some of the ideas presented here will be developed further in subsequent white papers, but this high-level survey is enough for you to get started expanding and maturing your capabilities.